about me

My name's Michael. I'm a Presidential Innovation Fellow working in Washington, DC.

Before that, I worked in Silicon Valley as a software engineer at a venture backed (Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs), early-stage fintech startup (DataFox).

My academic background is in Applied Math and Computer Science. Currently, I'm doing a lot with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, but I also love experimenting with web visualization. I'm an avid traveler and photographer.

I never want to stop learning new things, coming up with new ideas, and exploring new places. This site is an attempt to consolidate my hobbies in one place and encourage me to continue to build, be creative, and grow.


golden gate
a timelapse I made with a focus on the Golden Gate Bridge and what it means to San Franciscans

into the sunrise
driving into a sunrise in NM

from west to east
my recent trip from California to Florida condensed into a 6 minute hyperlapse

a bunch of photographs I've taken while traveling

(more photography) a collection of zen-like moments from around the world


sector explorer
explore similar companies via an interactive d3 force diagram

a visualization plaform for energy which displays transmission lines, power plants, renewable energy centers, and oil & gas infrastructure

a small web service which visualizes web comments temporally using d3


Meeting new people is always fun! Feel free to reach out to me by linkedin, or twitter.