about me

My name's Michael. I'm a product manager at NVIDIA, working on assembling powerful clusters for AI training and inference.

Previously, I was a Presidential Innovation Fellow in Washington, DC, where I created a clinical trials search API for the National Cancer Institute and the search interface for Code.gov.

Before that, I worked in Silicon Valley as the first engineer at a venture backed (Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs), early-stage fintech startup called DataFox, which was bought by Oracle in 2018.

My academic background is in Applied Math and Computer Science, but I'm a full stack engineer, comfortable with pretty much any topic from DevOps to Genetic Algorithms.

Outside of work, I'm an avid traveler and photographer. This site is a place for me to share my art and personal projects.


golden gate
a timelapse I made with a focus on the Golden Gate Bridge and what it means to San Franciscans (2013)

into the sunrise
driving into a sunrise in NM (2016)

from west to east
my recent trip from California to Florida condensed into a 6 minute hyperlapse (2016)

a bunch of photographs I've taken while traveling (2010-2015)

(more photography) a collection of zen-like moments from around the world (2018-2019)

two clips
taken with a drone in beautiful locations (2019)


a visualization plaform for energy which displays transmission lines, power plants, renewable energy centers, and oil & gas infrastructure (2013)

a small web service which visualizes web comments temporally using d3 (2011)


Meeting new people is always fun! Feel free to reach out to me by linkedin, or twitter.